Saturday, January 19, 2008

So many possible projects, so few hours...

Remember the socks I told you about last time? The one's for Tammy's father? I've re-started them four times! This last time, I got 4 inches done before I realized I hadn't ended the ribbing! So I had this really nice looking oatmeal-tweedy cuff, and a deep blue leg...that was still 1X1 ribbing! If I were a lesser person I might have cried. I didn't. I put the sock in time out and went back to work on that scarf for the homeless box. According to the hordes I fight every day on the bus, scarves that look homemade and have no distinct pattern are all the rage. They look like stash busters, stripes of varying width and colour, and made on larger needles. They look so homemade that it took me a while before I could figure out they weren't. (Remember that I'm trying to figure this out across a crowded bus without staring). They're even a hot topic on the Ravelry forums. So knowing how bored I was of deep purple, I decided to mix it up a bit. I have little balls here and there of ends that either we've hung on to, or that my mother has sent down to enable Shandon's knitting habit, and now I have a purpose for little odds and ends. I mix them up a little, and then go back to purple, resulting a multi-colour stripe on purple. It really looks kind of interesting.

I frogged the dad-sock back to the cuff, picked up the stitches and took a deep breath...again. Now I'm back to a 3" piece. It looks nice, but I can't wait for the next pair now. See the picture up there? That's Apple Pie, in the sunset colourway. It's quite a looker. By all accounts (thank you my fellow Ravelers!), it's a nice yarn to knit with; 65% Superwash Merino, 20% Kid Mohair, 10% Nylon, 5% Silk. It comes in something like 30 different shades, some solid, some self-patterning. I could easily knit projects with this stuff all year and never get bored. So I think that's just what I'm going to do.Tammy's family is going to get a variety of socks and mitts, and maybe matching scarves for her girls, mine will get socks and scarves and hats (and I think I'll finally learn how to knit teddy bears and other creatures for my boys), and...with so many colours, how could I run out of things to knit? With the store nearly ready for inventory, I could easily find myself with a bit more knitting time, which is never a bad thing. So I guess instead of making new years resolutions, I armed myself with a knitting to-do list instead.

Tomorrow, I'll trot out the camera and show you the much-maligned dad-sock.

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