Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trees and Stones Will Teach You What You Cannot Learn From Masters.

There's a lot to discuss today, but I'll start by sharing a glimpse of my afternoon.
<---- That is part of my trip to work. Up until winter, I rather enjoy it. Today I was joined by a toad (whose photo is alas, only on my cell) and an angry black squirrel. It was a very nice stroll, despite the 20 pounds of library books on my back. Except for the fact that I had to turn around and go back through the ravine because I'd forgotten my money at home! Ah well, entirely my own fault...

I did some knitting before going into work to do the bank deposit. I worked for a couple of hours on Tammy's Dad's socks. I'm nearly done one, except I'm not especially happy with it. But his birthday is November, so the push is on. Then I've got a pair of kid's mitts on order from a former co-worker. My supervisor wants a pair of socks for another supervisor, and I'd really like to make Tammy a pair of socks.
Wait! There's more!
Debra has moved up to Gravenhurst, land of the mosquitoes and pine trees, and she'd like as many knitted socks as possible. Betty wants a couple of pairs made from the new sockyarn from Bernat, the boys need socks this winter, and ours are getting holes faster than I can knit!
You know, work really gets in the way of knitting....
When my fingers need a break, I've been checking out Knitting Up A Storm. The path from knitted blob to felted clog has been an interesting one to follow. Then I went over to The Velvet Cerebellum to follow the adventures of Chester and Maddie. Then I picked up the needles again.

Did anyone else besides Betty and I catch the Saturday Night Live sketch of Katie Couric and Sarah Palin? It's was funny, but frightening at the same time. Tina Fey is channeling Palin so well, it's eerie. We watched both the original interview, and the sketch, and the only difference is that Tina Fey's voice is just a bit higher and she was a bit perkier. The fact that she had on the same outfit and spoke Palin's own words was bordering on creepy! What's even more disturbing though is that if McCain gets elected, Palin is one skipped heartbeat away from leading the biggest free country on the planet. One airbubble to the brain away from dragging the entire United States further into hell. I read a lot of Betty's favourite blogs over her elbow (her desk and mine are only a foot away from each other), and I was reading a theory this morning that's really taken hold.
What if Palin is not supposed to finish out the campaign? What if she is only window dressing with a shelf-life, who will bow out of the campaign when she becomes too embarassing? Who then will get the tap for V.P? Rudy G ? Hmm.

Even though I am Canadian, I fear the reprocussions will be felt all the way up here. After all, U.S hurricanes make their mark at our gas pumps. The state of the U.S Stock market affects our dollar too.

I fear for not only the U.S if McCain and Palin get elected.

I fear for us all.