Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Direction

Teenagers are under an enormous amount of pressure to figure out what they want to do with their lives.
Some figure it out, many don't.
I was one of the ones who didn't.
Until now, in my VERY adult years.

A few conversations with a few close friends and family have led me to this point...the point that I know what I want to do.
Yes, I am over 35. Well over, but, oh well.
Yes, it will involve moving the family, but the planned move came before the decision that made my heart speed up.
This "clicks" for me. This feels as right as putting my socks on one foot at a time. This feels like what I am meant to do while I write.
This is what I want to do with the rest of my life.
This I can do up north; because being up north is important to me.
Because I need to be able to provide a future for my family. Because I want to be able to help my folks out. Because I want to be with them again. Because I miss green spaces and clean(er) air, because the city's not my home.

I need a place where my spirit can sing again.

This will put my feet on the path my soul has been pulling me toward.

From the Sault College website: The Park Operation Skills program is a one year certificate program to provide individuals with practical hands on skills in park operations including park maintenance, natural heritage education, natural resources law, plant and animal identification, outdoor navigation, field equipment certification and horticulture in a wide variety of park systems.

This will give me material to write with, so that I can write, and in the freelance market getting paid for my writing.
This will give me happiness, and peace, and teach our children that happiness and contentment can be found outside a video game.

This is the next phase of our lives, and a proper step in the next direction.

This will put my feet on the path my soul has been pulling me toward.

I can't wait!