Sunday, September 30, 2007

First One Finished!

There it is...all toes tucked in, Kitchener Stitch attempted. It turned out pretty well I think. It isn't squared-off, like the first blue one. This one is...better.
I was over the moon I was so tickled with how it turned out. Tried to call Mom, but she had gone to bed. At 10:30...what was she thinking? (insert evil grin here)
So I stopped dancing (which can be pretty sad, because I have NO rhythm) and cast on the mate. I wonder if I can get these done in time for my friend's birthday. I can show these photos, because I finally asked her if she ever read the blog. When she compared the difference between catching up with me in RL, as often as we do, or spending time on the blog...I saw her unspoken point. That, and I know how many other demands there are on her time. So I'm safe posting the photo here.

Today Betty and I took the boys for a nature walk and gathered some wild grapes; which are, at this very minute, hanging from a cheesecloth, hanging from the now-empty birdcage stand and dripping into a bowl. We've already cut, mashed and hung watermelon pieces in cheesecloth and collected approx. 4-5 cups of juice for jelly. Realistically, it likely won't get made until next weekend; so for now it will rest in the freezer. In the freezer, and awaiting the pot are strawberries, peaches, and watermelon juice. Tomorrow morning, the grape juice will join them. And apples within the next four days. Well, at least we won't die of scurvy this winter.