Friday, December 28, 2007

Don't Drop Beer On Your Knitting!

I've been more than a little nostalgic lately. I've also been busy, which is why almost a month has passed between blog entries. Remember last year when I was assistant manager and couldn't wait to step down? Yeah...well.... Now I'm a manager.

One day at nine am, I was an assistant learning paperwork with a test looming. By five in the afternoon, I was going to inherit a problem-laden store two days later.

I was a little surprised by my excitement, but not surprised by my fear of leaving my second home. But leave I did. I walked into a near-constant headache, scratch tickets gone wildly out of control, out of date products on the shelves and a staffing crisis I'd only heard about.

So now it's been a month and a week since I was given my own store. My assistant manager and I have worked out our personality clashes (I think), I have a better idea of what I have to do in a day, and I've learned a few things. Among the high points are: it really is easier to add whole packs of tickets if I want my counts to work; there really aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want; and most importantly, I CAN do this. If I could just get my communications & paperwork bag ready by 4:30 every friday afternoon I would be pleased.

Santa was good to me this year. Was he good to you? He brought me yarn, knitting needles, needle tip protectors and other assorted gizmos every knitter lusts after but doesn't really NEED. And beer. On the needles this week: a deep purple garter-stitch scarf intended for our local homeless program, a child's mitten that is nearly ignored, and a sock for a friend's father (although I don't think this one wants to be finished). I think it's too small, but Tammy is trying to convince me to finish it. I really want to finish it, do it well and go on to another pair in brighter colours. The yarn is such a dark blue it's almost black. Try and tink that! I love Ravelry though. I'm almost as addicted to the site as I am to knitting. I have such grand plans for my favourite craft... I foresee socks in self patterning wool blends, scarves that will bring homeless people a little warmth, and eventually teddy bears that will be distributed to kids stuck in hospital. I want to make a difference. I know I did at Tammy's store, I hope I make a difference at home. I'm told I'm making a difference at work...but I just don't know? So I'll make a difference with my needles.
I hope.

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david santos said...

Happy new year!! Carolyn.