Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pins, Needles, and What's On Mine

I'd like to apologize to everyone who has been checking for an update. After months of being vigilant with the blog...September just kicked me hard I suppose. There was a variety of reasons for this, but suffice it to say that I needed a break.
So this morning I'm the only one up here; even the dogs went back to sleep. I'm enjoying the quiet time and getting some knitting done. On one set of needles I have a winter hat with blue flames for S. On another set of needles I have a mitten for B. On yet another set of needles I have a 4" X 4" square for a baby blanket. It seems that 3 young ladies we know are expecting, two in May. So we've been busy knitting and crocheting here. It's that time of year too where I start knitting hats and scarves for the homeless and financially challenged. All of which ought to keep me quite busy if it were not for the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome!

When the tingling in my hands got bad, I suspected that's what it might be. Google only confirmed it: pins and needles, weakness, loss of grip in the the first two fingers, pain in the hand....none of which help a knitter finish the dozens of projects on her to-do list. So now I'll be exploring the alternatives to surgery; heat and cold, wrist braces, frequent rests, anti-inflammatories, anything that will relieve these damn pins and needles!

What do you do for fun, what are your hobbies? I find it to be revealing what others do in the spare time. Do you knit? Bowl? Golf? Read spy novels? Make wicker furniture? Let me know in the comments section while I get breakfast...let's see, there's homemade bread...cereal....hmmm.