Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Secret Lives of UFO's. (Part 1)

It's a good thing that I don't rely on Wikipedia for a whole lot of knowledge. Because it hasn't got much to say on the subject of scarves.

A scarf is a piece of fabric worn on or near the head or around the neck for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or forreligious reasons. They can come in a variety of differentcolors.

That leaves so much unsaid.
Like how useful a scarf is, how it can either be a piece of garbage if made from the wrong yarn, or perfect if made in the right colour and from the most perfect yarn.
It also doesn't tell me why I love to knit them. I love to pick the right colour, depending on the recipient. I love to peruse stitch encyclopedias, looking for just the right combination of knits and purls that I can work on the bus. I love having scarves as a mindless project I can work on as the mood suits me. I love knowing I can change someone's life by knitting a scarf, as I try to do every winter , with knitting for my local homeless.
Why then has this poor scarf sat for so long?
Well, that's a good question.
It's a nice scarf, this photo doesn't do it justice. It is mint green, light blue and white variegated yarn, so soft that you just want to rub it on your cheek. I think of this one as "Sea Waves".
It's for Betty, who I know will use it and love it. It is knit on larger needles so she will have a lighter weight scarf that will tie easily, needles that are supposed to help me finish quickly.
Why then does it only see the light of day when I take it along to work?

I am trying very hard to finish it.
Push me.