Thursday, May 10, 2012

The World As Our Skin

Change is inevitable.
We all change, every day, every minute, every second.
We change our minds, our skin changes, our hormones....we're never exactly the same from minute to minute.
Plants change too. They get taller, or they wilt, or they go yellow, or a deeper shade of green, or they develop a seed pod...or not.
Our animals change. Chickens, dogs, cats, goats, snakes change their skins regularly...
Change happens.
It should be a t-shirt.

I used to hate change. I railed against it, I threw myself into fighting it, only to have to give in to the very thing I objected to. My attitude changed, see, there's change at work again, when I realized that in many things I don't have a choice, so I might as well see the benefit in change. There is a large change planned for our neighborhood. Developers are going to build 70-150 homes in two neighboring cornfields as well as build a water treatment plant down the hill.
It will be a huge change for those who live here. No longer will they be able to walk their dogs down the quiet dead-end street lined with stately cherry, oak and maple trees. There will be a wall keeping people out of the green space beside the river. It will be even more crowded, noisy and very few people will know the person walking down the sidewalk toward them.

Our world will no longer be here, but our world will be changing too.
Our world will soon be ruled, to a great extent, by little balls of peeping fluff, by germination and planting times, by yellow school buses and tides of the river. It will be surrounded by cleaner air and bluer skies, and food we can taste the proper essence of. We will be surrounded by old friends and family once more, and in time, it will be a positive change.

This change will bring with it growth, confidence, a firmer moral compass and clarity. In time, we will grow not only healthy vegetables, but better people.

I can handle a change like that.