Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quoting Thumper...

Remember that scene in Bambi, where Bambi and Thumper go to wake up Flower, and he says..."Is it spring yet?" That's how I feel.
Every time I would talk about getting a bike, it would snow like the devil! We finally got our bikes and rode them home, so I expected it to snow the next day. It hasn't yet, but it was a little nippy to be riding to work this afternoon. So I walked. Most of the way, anyway. Along the way I saw a male cardinal and crocus sprouts, so I guess spring truly IS on it's way.
Betty and I are knitting a Pride Blanket, in panels. To hurry spring along, I started with yellow. (I guess I needed cheering up. Expecially after I heard my store inventory is in 7 weeks! OMG!) We plan on making it a sofa-quilt. Larg enough to cover us on the sofa, but not for the bed, since the dog's claws get caught in anything on the bed. I had started another hat for a kid, this one was supposed to be for charity...but somehow it's gone missing. Seriously...missing...MIA...gone!
What I really want is another sweater. An absolute-must-have-every-evening-because-it's-my-favourite-sweater. In red. With a sturdy cable. Also in red. You see, my current favourite sweater is wearing out. I love this thing to death. It's big, it's warm, it's soft. It's everything you want your weekend sweater to be. Except holey. Every time I think I could do it, I look myself in the eye (No,in the mirror, you think I'm popping out an eyeball?!) and say to myself, "Remember the one-day-sweater that took you nine months? Naaaaaah. Ask Mom."
And then I ask Mom, find out she's incredibly busy and give up on the idea until the next time I realistically face my sweater's mortality.
I wonder if she and I could work on it together, through the mail....