Friday, September 14, 2012

Water, Precious Water

Turns out, the problem was two-fold. A bad pressure tank and a hole in the line leading from the well to the pump. Both issues are fixed. Thank you so much to all our friends. Everyone who put up with our whining, helped us get water from the spring, lent us water vessels, suggested and loaned family members to try and help fix the pump, those who went down the well, as well as those that were out in the rain this morning.
EVERY ONE OF YOU is an angel, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
And a SPECIAL thanks to those wonderful friends who let us shower and 
do our laundry at their house. YOU ROCK!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Tidbit About Aquifers

Did you know?
A hole dug into an aquifer will turn into a water well because the openings between the pieces of sand or gravel or shattered stone are so large that water molecules can easily flow.
The thickness of an aquifer from top to bottom varies with the nature of the earth. An aquifer can be only a few feet or inches thick, or it might be hundreds of feet thick. It might extend for miles without a break, like the Ogallala Aquifer which stretches from Nebraska to Texas. This aquifer is as large as California and contains as much water as Lake Huron. The aquifer might only be pond-sized, or it might stop abruptly because of some prehistoric geological upheaval. Generally an aquifer follows the topography of the land. Where the land dips, the aquifer does likewise.

From "Wells And Septic Systems"
by Max and Charlotte Alth

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Tomatoes, Zucchini and Apples, Oh My!

Hello from the bush!

The other day was a very good tomato harvest day for us. They taste so sweet and such a nice colour! Wonderful in both the salad and the sandwiches we ate.

We were lucky enough this morning to be invited to a friend's orchard, to pick all we wanted. By my rough guess we picked somewhere around 10 pounds of apples. They were on the smallish side, but firm, very red, and did I mention free? Of course, we'll make him a couple of pies for all his help, with both the apples and some other things that are still "classified" as yet.

Another friend gave us a massive zucchini yesterday, there is zucchini relish in it's future! So tomorrow is all about fruit and veggie prep here.

Tuesday I think we'll go foraging in the bush.

What's new where you live?