Tuesday, November 05, 2013

To Make A Farm

Indie films are an interesting breed unto themselves, but I find them most fascinating when they examine a topic very few others have looked at. In this age of mass-produced entertainment, films that make us think are gems indeed. I'm excited to share this with you, an indie film that follows five farmers on three Canadian farms as they try to make a profit. Farming is difficult enough these days with all kinds of challenges, but up here in Canada it is even more so. Not many people in these modern times are connected to their food, although that number is growing, and even fewer understand the person that lives a way of life that was largely abandoned for decades. So I invite you to follow the link to a fascinating article. Make the effort to find the film and watch with an open mind.
It's worth it.
Best of all, you might just come away with a better understanding of those that are doing what they can to reconnect with their food and the land.
You can find the interview at Scratch magazine.


CallieK said...

I've seen To Make a Farm several times- it aired on TVO last year. If you're in Canada you should be able to watch it online.

It's a pretty depressing piece- the young people in it start out with such high ideals and get hit with just about every possible problem and calamity. Which is of course the reality of farming!

Carolyn said...

I have seen it, but I wanted to watch it again and could not find it, so thanks for the link! I thought it was depressing too, despite was the director says about adding hope. I think some of us that are trying to homestead to make a short vid about our efforts and put it up on YouTube. So much of what's already there is the same!

Anonymous said...

I watched it a few months ago through the TVO website, and really enjoyed it, despite the difficult subject matter I think it might be time to come back to it again, so thanks for the push. There are very few Hollywood movies that I care to see more than once, but I have many favourites dealing with food and farming that I can easily watch again and again.