Monday, April 30, 2012

Micro Mesclun To The Rescue!

Today I got the urge to plant something, and I wasn't at all influenced by the fact that I was hungry.
I turned the soil in the pot that I had allowed the peas to die, (yes, I did that for a reason). After turning the soil and breaking the peas green matter up, I watered gently with rain water from my bucket outside. I scattered a generous sprinkling of mesclun seed over all this and gently covered with a scattered handful of Miracle Grow soil. (I'm waiting for another handful of compost to be ready, but in the meantime, a mini-farmer's gotta do what she's gotta do) Apparently I should see green sprouts in as early as a week. They can be, and will be, trimmed when they are anywhere between 1 and 6 inches high. My plan for these is simple. Add to salads, wraps, sandwiches...anywhere lettuce is used, these can be used as well. All the knowledgeable sources  say Mesclun is a "gourmet greens mixture", but I just like the way it adds variety to my diet. I like Romaine and Iceberg as much as the next person, but it gets boring after awhile. Mesclun doesn't need as much sun as Buttercrunch lettuce, so maybe, just maybe we'll have a shot at this growing our greens thing, even here.
Oh, and my plan in letting the peas die back? Between my compost bucket outside, the rainwater bucket and micro scale green manure plantings, I am trying to see if my plan for the bigger land can be reproduced  in a north facing apartment. Because if I can do it without a windowsill, so can others.

No matter what gardening books and websites will tell you, not everyone can grow their own salads. I'm here trying to find an alternative for even basement dwellers.

What are you growing this week?


notherethenwhere said...

Currently, I have rhubard and chives growing, but I'm hoping to get some greens for salads started soon - storebought just can't compare. It's a challenge here - I'm in an apartment, and mine happens to face north and has a balcony overhead that provides a lot of shade - but I'm hoping to try a few things and see what I can accomplish. And, if that doesn't work all that well, it's back to sprouts for a bit.

Jacquelineand.... said...

Right now my peas are growing beautifully, next weekend we'll be planting a Japanese maple, more peas and some lettuce.

LindaM said...

Bok choy. Plenty of pesticide free dandelions. Our rhubarb is stalling for some reason but neighbors have shared theirs. Time o p,ant radishes. BTW......mushrooms are perfect for growing in dark apartments.