Friday, March 02, 2012

Independence Days Check In

So, for those of you who are following along with the Independence Days challenge, how did you do?
This week, I'm pleased to report that I did the following:
Plant Something: I sprouted alfalfa! Yay! Two new peas poked their greenness above the soil, and I sprouted three more. These last three have yet to come up, but I know they're in their. I sprouted four lettuce seeds, and they've stayed green and upright.

Harvest Something: Not yet.
Preserve Something: Not yet.

Waste Not: I redirected some banana peels and apple cores to the compost barrel, rolled it around the patio a bit, flipped it a few times for good measure and opened the lid to give it a sniff. It doesn't smell funky, or earthy for that matter, but it has two things working against it. The air holes are not big enough and it's been outside all winter.

Want Not: We've added a couple tins of coffee and a big box of tea to our pantry. A couple more cans of coffee are being picked up this morning. Any sale on coffee that allows one to save $10 is a good thing!

Eat The Food: We have a few apples that are in need of being muffins, so I think this afternoon I'll be making banana bread and apple muffins.

Build Community Food Systems: Right now, I just want to have enough for us. Anything else is overwhelming.

Skill Up: Added four new quilting books to our personal library this past week. These are instructional pattern books, not coffee table books. These will come in handy when I have the room to start making quilts.
Edit notes: I forgot, I did add to our community food system! We tried goat's milk this week and it was a hit! I not only enjoyed it, I had no nasty after effects like I have with cow's milk. Could this be a solution to lactose intolerance or merely a reprieve?

A much more productive week than last, I think. How did your week go?


Jacquelineand.... said...

You be's productive!

CallieK said...

Attending a Seedy Event counts as building community (at least in my books) so you should come out to one! Today we're at Scadding court (Dundas and Bathurst) and next Sat is at the Brickworks. There's a list of all the local Seedy event dates at