Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Let Go Of That Draino!!

We don't have a garbage disposal (Sparky the WonderStomach doesn't count) but every now and then a drain will get clogged. I admit, I used to reach for the Draino, and then one day I got to wondering what was in it. According to the chemical warnings on it, pretty noxious stuff! That led me to wonder how the stuff gets treated and or filtered out of the sewers and so forth. The moment I thought, 'hmm, maybe it doesn't really ever break down...' was a huge eye-opener for me. So I went looking for something else that clears drains. Something I didn't need to keep under lock and key and wear a hazmat suit to use. As an asthmatic, I am always conscious of chemicals wafting in the air I'm trying to breathe. Here's what I found.

*Sprinkle  1/2 cup of baking soda into the clogged or slow running drain.
*Wash it down with  1/2 cup vinegar. Yes, it'll fuzz and bubble like a rabid animal. Put your stopper or plug into the drain. Leave for 15 minutes and go put the kettle on to boil.
*When the 15 minutes are up, pull the stopper out, pour the boiling water down the drain. Repeat if necessary.

If that doesn't work, or your sink is filled with water, plug any overflow holes with a rag and get out your extra plunger. You did buy an extra, right? If not, add that to your shopping list, they're invaluable. I have one that we use for off-the-grid clothes washing. Take the the plunge! Sorry...
 Take the plunger and plunge with a sharp motion until you think the obstruction may have cleared. Then repeat the baking soda and vinegar application above.

The baking soda/vinegar/boiling water application is  safe to use as often as you want. Ideally, you want to do this once a week to keep your drains clear, save frustration and hard earned cash on harsh chemicals.


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We're playing tag now, are we? Done! You're it!