Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Yummy News!


I'm not sure exactly when I decided my hiatus from cooking was over, but at some point, I decided I wanted to cook again. I've been gradually getting cookbooks from the library, and a couple from the store I work at. I've been trying to get better at certain dishes and staying away from the classics that the boys like. One can only hear, "It's okay......" (insert pause here while they think of ways to not offend me) so many times. So instead of getting my sleeves in a twist, I just don't mess with their favorite dishes. No biggie.  So I've been experimenting with new dishes. Somewhere along the way, I found I was enjoying food again, which had stopped happening many years ago. I've always loved eating it, and Betty is a great cook, I just wasn't enjoying making it anymore. I'm lucky to have a wife that enjoys cooking the way she does. But as I've said, I've been getting back into food lately. The making of it, the different elements of it, the processes, the basic ingredients and even how it's grown, shipped and treated.
(Seriously, our tomatoes are gassed to be red, did you know this?)

I want to find fresh ingredients. Fresh, like, picked that day, and naturally colored by the sun. Heck, I'd rather grow my own. I want to be able to make good food that has a taste and nutrients. I want to be able to teach the boys how to make an omelette or a roasted chicken, or make spinach dip or how to cook a steak properly.

To that end, I got the idea that I should start doing instead of just reading, and along the way, I should share what I see, taste, learn and fail at, so that someone else can learn from my mistakes. And so, Crispy Chewy Crunchy was born.
I'll be discussing the textures, the dishes, the elements that make up those special meals that we all remember. I'll talk about the tools we can use to make stunning meals, the tools the pioneers used, as well as old time recipes from the North, South, East and West. I'll discuss basic food prep methodology and terminology that many of us may not know about. I'll introduce you to new ingredients, new dishes and new ways of looking at what we put into our mouths. I'll feature cool places to eat, cooking schools, other foodie blogs that you should know about and up and coming cooks, and maybe even some of their recipes. I'd love to hear about what makes up your best recipes, your special meals and food related traditions.

I hope you come and join us. Lets have a conversation about food.

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