Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hair...Flow It...Show It....Shampoo It

I'm working on an article concerning chemicals in our hair products and the "no-poo" movement, as well as shampoo alternatives. Because I'm not sure if posting such a thing on one's blog is considered "pre-published", I won't post it here, since some publishers don't want something that everyone might have already seen. (Such is the way of freelance writing) So instead, I'll offer you a tidbit of knowledge that I did not know before I started on this article.

Did you know:

The word "shampoo" originated from the Hindi word "champo" and originally involved head massage with scented oils? The first commercial maker of shampoo as we understand it was British-born Kesey Hebert.

Now we've both learned something today!

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Jacquelineand.... said...

Wouldn't shampoo be preferable to real poo? *giggle snort*

Seriously, bouncing bet, aka saponaria, aka soapflower, etc.... makes a very gentle substitute, as does the liquid in the bulb of the yucca plant.