Thursday, October 20, 2011

Live Large

I'm going to take a small break from The Anari Effect and survival for just a bit here.
I have recently accepted a facet of myself I was previously in denial of. I do not want to live quietly.
Not really.
I want to live in the bush, yes, but I am not a quiet person; not really. Some of you may know I have knit on and off for some time now and my knitting has really gathered steam over the past few months. I feel differently about it now. I want color, I want form, I want something BACK from my knitting, whether that is a nice piece to look at with cables, or some piece of nature in the knitting, or fabulous swatches of color...something that makes someone sit up and take notice. Even twenty hats knitted for the homeless.
Something that makes an impact.

So how does this relate to everything else?
I find now that I am over forty, I have really started to discover who I am, who I WANT to be. This blog has helped me discover that. What I want to write about, what moves me, what makes me gnash my teeth, what inspires me.
All of you have been a large part of that. You have been my sounding board, my guides.

So now I offer you the following advice:
Live large, don't settle for something you don't deserve. Make a splash, do not meld quietly into the background, stand up for something that you passionately believe in and fight for what is right!
Do good. Find a cause and do some good; no matter if it is knitting for the homeless, volunteering at an animal shelter or elder's residence, fundraising for a debilitating disease....SOMETHING! Make a difference for good and you will always have something to feel good about.
Watch sunsets or sunrises, or both. OFTEN. When we see the beauty in the world around us, we will not waste the time given to us.

Finally, LOVE.
Love the good people in your life, love a pet, love something or someone so intensely that your heart feels it might break. Live in the moment, but learn to plan.

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Kitchen Elixirs said...

This is a wonderful post and I heartily large, live large, create an impact, take up some space and then share it. LIVE.