Sunday, June 26, 2011

How My Breakfast Feeds My Plants

Is it silly to be happy I got 2.5 cups of rainwater the other night?
This morning i have top dressed my tomato plants with a mixture of coffee grounds and crushed eggshells, and then watered it in with rainwater.
For me, this is big. The less water I have to use from the tap, the happier I am. Every ounce, every spoonful of extra TLC I can give my plants, the happier I am. So this one small act this morning made me feel that much closer to my plants, and my food.
The egg shells will boost the calcium in the soil, and help the tomatoes fight off end blossom rot, and the coffee grounds will help bring nitrogen. It seems likely these plants will never see my home-made compost, so any organic additive I can give them is good.

This year is all about learning and experimenting, and every time I do something like this, I feel a little closer to my goal.

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