Monday, May 30, 2011

New Directions

The word "survival" brings different things to mind for different people. Some folks envision a compound with barbed wire, freeze dried food and hordes of unsociable people inside waiting for the end of the world. Some folks would envision a couple living off the land, picking berries, eating cat-tail roots and drinking rainwater. Survival for other folks means working two jobs so they stay out of debt. Survival for some means working two or sometimes three jobs just to pay the bills and put food on the table.
Survival can be all of these things.

During a conversation with my sister-in-spirit this morning, I was encouraged to tell my story in the most honest, grittiest way I know how. So that's what I intend to do. Not all at once, but I will share with you the circumstances we struggle with, and how we overcome them, how we not only survive, but how we achieve happiness and comfort in our challenging times. I'll share with you how we make our grocery money stretch, how we eat more nutritiously now than we did last year and how we eke out a garden while we live in an apartment facing north. I'll share our adventure as we try and make our way back to the land, the lessons we learn while we teach ourselves how to make compost, and the trials and tribulations of learning to save seed from plants we grew ourselves. There will be food too, because we love our food. Recipes, adventures in canning and baking, and all of this surrounded by family.
We all have our own set of challenges, but sometimes if we have company along the way, the path doesn't seem so dark and hopeless.
So come along with us while we travel in this new direction. Laugh with us, learn with us and enjoy the journey.


Debra said...

looking forward to reading the tales of your journey

Anonymous said...

Sounds good - I'm looking forward to your story (especially about how you manage a garden in a north-facing apartment, since I'm in the same boat).

farmgal said...

Followed your over from Doomer's site, and while I am slow these days as I am on a working holiday out West, I will look forward to reading more about your adventure as you share.