Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ingredients On A Package of Carrots ...

My experiment into the world of container gardening is going slow but okay I think.
The tomatoes need to be replanted into their own containers, as do the radishes.Today S and I prepped a few pots out on the patio and planted some rainbow carrots and leaf lettuce. I'm hoping that if he helps grow the lettuce, he'll be more inclined to eat it when it's time to harvest. Same with the carrots.

I found a delightful spot to harvest dandelions. I never see a dog down there, so I should be able to use all the parts without worrying about what's peed on them. As a bonus, it's right near the trillium patch, so hopefully I'll be able to get pictures of those at the same time! I was going to get the dandelions this afternoon, but I've messed up my back. Sitting still is fine but walking is sore, so I've been resting it a lot this weekend. I see on the web and in books that one can use the dandelion flowers for candies, but I'm not sure if I'll be using them for that. I know I want the leaves and roots though! We'll be using the leaves in soups and stews, that way, the kids won't see them in there, but they'll get loads of vitamins. B is the picky eater, and if all he eats is a small bowlful of the broth (in carefully disguised chicken noodle soup), I'll know he still got vitamins and minerals you just can't get in a pre-made, store-bought vitamin!
I've been reading a lot lately about simplicity, how we've processed our food to death and how so many of us have been filling our need with stuff. We feel an emptiness,many of us go out and buy something. There comes a time when we don't want it any more, we stuff it aside. or we eat, or we ... fill in your crutch here. We all have one. In the interest of a speedy meal, we support the production of fast food. Open a box, drop it in another box that nukes your food and voila! you have dinner! One of these days, read what's in a microwave dinner. Trust me, you'll think twice before eating it.
I've started reading the sides of boxes and realizing I can't pronounce half of what makes up my dinners. So then I reach for something with more pronounceable ingredients.
Not easy when you work retail, but it's a start.
Instead of grabbing a frozen whatever from the cooler, I've been trying to reach more for nuts and seeds, and yoghurt, and bagels. Not as filling, but at least I have a better idea of the contents of my stomach.

Which is entirely the whole point behind growing my own food.

(wildlife seen today: White-crowned Sparrow)

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