Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Red Globes of Happiness

This morning I've soaked 12 radish seeds, and once they have a little green showing, I'll plant them in their own little containers. They are of the "Cherry Belle" variety. I bought these in downtown Preston a few weeks ago.
My plan is to plant radishes once a month, in the hopes that I'll have a good supply. Time was when I was the only here who liked them, but I'm thinking now S might like them as well, since he's developing a liking for spicy and hot things. Some people say these radishes are hot, but I would say they have a little bite.
I wonder if I can dry radishes? Wonder if they can be pickled?
Also in my plan is to plant lettuce, for salads and sandwiches.
Damn, I'm going to need more soil!

Speaking of soil, we're looking into worm composting under the kitchen sink. By all accounts, if the worm composting is done correctly, they shouldn't escape and there should be no smell. No commitments yet, we're still looking into it.
I've also been learning a bunch about cover crops as green manure. What types do what, which grow in my hardiness zone, which of course will include Searchmont one day. but that's so much info, it'll be another post entirely.
Must get to OSC Seeds in Waterloo for seed shopping! Woot!

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