Friday, December 11, 2009

Pass The Hot Chocolate!

Pass the Hot Chocolate!

It's winter! (No. Not in the picture over there <---)
Most of our province has some snow at least, some have 80 cm or more. We all have cold, Northern winds that freeze to the bone! Some parts of the country are under a cold snap so intense, the authorities are advising not to let pets out unsupervised.
What do Canadians do when it's too cold to play outside? We go inside!
Betty and I escape to Second Life. We've moved to Kymmer and no longer own land in Charn. Originally, it was mostly a financial decision. But as we've distanced ourselves from Charn, we've learned of some political issues there that we aren't thrilled with. Well, we're all entitled to our differences in opinion, so we sat back and re-thought our priorities. What did we want to do with our time in SL? What was fun, what pissed us off? Our friend and business partner once said "SL is supposed to be fun", and I have hung on to that, adding, "If it's not fun, it's time to change things" So we did. We moved, again, but this time to Kymmer, a sim owned and created by our friend and brother, Dal. (He's the dark, demonic looking fella in the picture) Betty now has her beach, which I have fallen in love with. We have the EXACT same house that was in the show Charmed. We now have horses. We have so much room to play in, and a workshop to build in that is simply IMMENSE! I cannot gush about Kymmer enough.
Dal has come a long way since we first met him, and he and I have had many conversations that are always enlightening in one way or another. I can't believe I'm saying this, because I swore I'd not move again, but I'm glad we moved.

So now I've taken on another project. I was bemoaning the lack of a good fantasy oriented magazine within SL one day when Betty said, "Then just make one yourself"
So I did.
There are many in-world magazines in Second Life, but as in real life, that doesn't mean they're all good. I have discovered a bit about myself in the process of creating the first issue. Apparently I have high standards, and apparently I really enjoy
becoming a magazine editor and publisher. So, the magazine is called
Fantasy Follies. Yep, that's the logo over there.

It's my hope that we will shine the spotlight on some of the best fantasy related items, performers, builders, places to live, shop and play. There's a wide range of things waiting to be written about, because everyone's idea of fantasy can be so different. Obviously, anything looking like anything LOTR is fair game, as well as high fantasy, low fantasy and, wait, what's low fantasy you ask?
According to Wikipedia, "Low Fantasy is a sub-genre of Fantasy fiction in which the setting is the real world with the addition of fantastic elements. The word "low" is used to indicate the quantity of fantasy in a work and not the quality. The subgenre was created when overall fantasy genre split into high and low fantasy in the early twentieth century. Within the fantasy genre, low fantasy is the opposite of high fantasy, which takes place, partly or entirely, in a completely fictional setting.

But even that definition has boundaries that are always being pushed. Nothing is static, especially not in Second Life. There are Dwarves, Elves, and Hobbits of course. But there are also Furries (avatars that are animal like in appearance), Tinies (avatars that are half the size of most), and Dragons. Werewolves, Fairies (or Fae as they prefer to be called), Vampires and so many more. Most folks would say that none of those are real, unless you work for the National Enquirer. That makes them "fantasy" creatures. And therefore, fair game for Fantasy Follies.
So I've got a lot to write about! I already have a staff, and some are proving to be more reliable than others, so I'm learning here too as we go along.
Knitting ? Heh, none lately. Terrible I know. It's winter, the season of my guilt-knitting when I drag out the projects that have languished for months, forgotten until the thermometer says IT'S COLD LADY!

I was going to pick up one of those projects last night, but was surprised by the traditional Christmas concert instead. So with three hours notice, I bundled up Shandon and myself, and off we went to his Christmas concert. This year, he played the trumpet in Jazz Band, and did a wonderful job! I got all of three pictures, all of which I am frustrated to say turned out too dark and grainy to share with anyone. Even my parents! For some reason, the school turned their lights down. And my flash only bounced off the big heads of the tall people in front of me.
Well, maybe he can bring the trumpet home and I'll get a video to share...that would work.

Till next time!


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