Saturday, September 26, 2009

Second Life

My real life has never been boring. Ever.
Why then, did I get hooked on an online universe called Second Life? I'm not sure how it happened, other than, it was fun.
It is not a game, in the traditional sense. it is similar to Sims, but with more interaction and better graphics. it is user created, with more options than I'm sure you want to hear about.
Anyway, my point is that I've made some interesting associations in Second Life (also known as SL)
I have made acquaintances, and friends, and we even have a home in SL now. We have had a couple, actually. Right now we are living in a region owned by a friend. We have a large skybox that resembles a castle. It has more room than we know how to use at the moment! Below that, about 600 meters below, we have a park-like area, with a library. Next to that piece of land, we went in on another piece of land with some friends. That's a picture of it off to the left there. Well, a part of it. Off to the right of the waterfalls is a tipi and stone ring we use for seating around a fire. It has become quite the social gathering area. In the pond you see, there is a loon that swims, floats and dives, as well as sing his loon song. Below the water is a Mermaid gazebo and garden, and a few fish. It is all very peaceful and pretty.
Very relaxing.
Later on, I'll tell you a bit more about our Second Life.

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