Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's mitten weather here in Ontario!
Damn, it's cold out there!
Kids being kids, mine are growing like weeds, so of course, they both need new mitts/gloves. S has decided it's not cool at middle school to wear mitts, so he's going to stick with store-bought gloves, but B was wanting a new pair of mitts. So like a good Mom, I whipped out my knitting needles. The mitt you see at left is the the first of the pair. All that's left is to close the thumb off, weave in ends and B has a new pair of mitts. At the rate he's going though, I think I should start casting on a bigger pair now!

Our friend Debra is getting another pair of socks this year. Dark blue leg, rainbow coloured cuffs and toes. So far so good, I've just gotten to the heel flap for the first one. This pair is taking me longer than I'd like.
Every year I say I'm going to knit all the important people in my life socks, and then the year gets away from me, and it's November and there's no way all those people are going to get handmade socks!
I see a new year's resolution in the making.

Work has changed yet again.
I have been promoted to manager of a 24 hr. store.
Those of you who read here on a semi-regular basis will remember when I stepped down as assistant manager of that first store.
Now I'm managing my second store! Yikes!
(I'll post pictures next time)

There have been issues, and there will continue to be, I'm sure. I think I see how to fix what needs fixing on the floor. I know I need to become more paperwork oriented, even though that's not my thing. I would rather spend the day on the floor straightening, cleaning and rebuilding.
But it's mind blowing at times how many different elements there are to managing a store.
I think someone is trying to sabotage my new position. There are rumors, wrong and incorrect ones at that, someone has already called head office trying to paint me as incompetent and lazy; and I am grateful that there are cameras all over the place!
But I'm stubborn and pig-headed and whoever it is will not drive me away.
I am a Sagittarius. We are honorable, honest to a fault, trustworthy, reliable, generous and sincere.
But above all else, I am stubborn!
I have already taken a store in need of focus and TLC and made it more successful.

I will do it again.

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