Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Rainbow Filled Summer

Summer is a busy time for a lot of folks. Same thing here.
We had a couple of big things a handfasting.
I hear a few of you out there, "A what?"
A handfasting is a very old form of marriage. The first marriage, I suppose. Traditionally, a handfasting joined a couple for a year and a day, to see if they were compatible and could live happily together. These days, it has become an interesting option for same sex and Pagan couples to wed when a church wedding is out of the question, for one reason or another. For us, a church wedding was not an option. So we made arrangements with the local parks people to have our wedding there. A friend of ours performed officiant duties and two of our closest friends were persons of honor. Their jobs were to help us pull everything together and keep us sane.

This is Tammy (behind us). She had to bring me back to earth a few times.

Lorraine was Betty's person of honor, but for some reason I can't find her picture today. I'll share it with you another day. (Sorry, Lorraine)

We were surrounded by friends and family, greenery and kids. The rain held off after torturing me with just enough rain that we had to break out the umbrellas. (Thanks go out to Laura for bringing those). Afterwards we went back to a local watering hole, celebrated with beer (juice and pop for the kids), a bloody good picnic potluck and music. I didn't want it to end, and even though we were there for a couple hours, it didn't seem long enough to hang out with my friends.

For our honeymoon, we stayed in Toronto for Pride Weekend, watched both the Dyke Parade and the BIG Pride Parade. I took tons of shots, but this is one of the best. We stayed at a B&B on the edge of Cabbagetown, which I will gush about later. We had a great time, realized that three days is not long enough to do and see everything we wanted, and we're goin' back...eventually.

What else ... I worked my behind off at the store, and I think I'll be inventing 10 Rules For Shopping At A Convenience Store. More on that later. Complete with pictures of the store. (I have to close the store tonight, so I may have more to blog about when I get home) Oh, our store was the brief resting place for a pair of twin baby bats! They never came inside, so we left them alone and didn't tell too many people. They were good tenants, so we welcomed them back. We haven't seen them in a week, so we think their Mom may have grounded them.

I'm still knitting, and tearing things back, and re-knitting. We were lucky enough to go to a tent sale, at one of the original yarn mills here in Ontario. Spent lots of money we shouldn't have, made my Mom happy and generally had a good time.

What did you do this summer?

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