Thursday, February 14, 2008

It Never Ends...

Dress socks...of a sort. These are being made from yarn that I can't decide if it's sock weight or fingering. The first one has proven a pain to knit. Dark blue yarn, similar to knitting with spider silk...oh yeah...laugh a minute. Did I mention I've had to frog and restart twice? I really hope these fit me when they're all done.
I wish I could knit at work. I'd be a happier boss. One of my employees quit today. Over the phone. One day notice.
I had called her to let her know there was paperwork I needed done for head office before tomorrow afternoon, and she said she wanted to talk about her employment with the company. Never a good sign. It seems a beauty supply store had made her an offer. She's taken it, which I understand, because it's more within the field she's pursuing. I get it. But they made this offer yesterday, and she took it yesterday. But she didn't see fit to call me and do the decent thing and at least give me a week to find a replacement. I called her! She didn't even CALL ME! This afternoon, I was angry; now I'm just hurt. I probably shouldn't be, I know the convenience store industry is a liquid and transient one. I expected better of her. Her reference check was a glowing one, her former boss waxed get the idea. So now I have to not only open the store yet again this weekend (this after I had to open last sunday for this same individual because she slept in), but I'm working a 12 hr shift! See, in order to do one of my staff a favour and give him a day off when he asked for it, I scheduled myself to work his shift from 12 to 6. Now I have to open at seven....and work till 6. The very next day, I have to open again and then run a staff meeting till two thirty! Hell, I'm tired just writing about it. Like I said, it would be okay if I could knit at work. Then again, I might get frustrated with all the interruptions and threaten to run someone through with a knitting needle. Probably not good for my career.
Next time, the hat from the neverendingwinter.

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