Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Footy Achievement

Isn't it odd how most of us take our feet for granted?

Diabetics have to pay careful attention to their feet; keeping them clean, dry and watching for cuts and infection. Sock manufacturers have recognised a market and swooped down, making a "diabetic" sock in all shades. I am fortunate enough to own a few pairs of such socks, and let me tell you they are worth every cent we paid! Because I stand on my feet for hours at a time, I wanted a pair of socks that would not make my feet sweat, 'cause when that happens my feet itch and then all kinds of nasty things happen! I am not, thank the heavens, diabetic. But my mother is, so I think of these things quite a bit.

My mother is a most amazing sock maker. She has knitted socks for as long as I can remember. The past few years, I have always been a grateful recipient. One year she gave me one sock for my birthday (in December) and the mate on Christmas day! I have gotten brown socks, peach socks, socks that made no colour sense at all, and socks that I miss because I wore them out. I have always envied the way she can produce such a warm and form fitting sock out of a length of yarn; and I always wanted to learn how she achieved this magic. Mom sent me the pattern a couple of months ago, and this past week, I got brave.

I made a sock.

That's it, up there in the left corner. It's a modest little number (ok, not so little) in turquoise blue with a dark blue speckled cuff. It turned out very well, if I do say so myself. All except the toe. It seems I need a bit more practise with the Kitchener stitch. But no worries, with Mom's instructions in hand, and the fab photos at Silver's Place

(see the bottom part of the page for Kitchener stitch instructions)

I'm quite sure I'll get it with the next sock.

Not bad for someone that learned how to knit a sock via the internet and long distance phone.

Back to the needles!

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Laura said...

Thanks for stopping over and visiting. Oh too bad you couldn't make it. I was in Cambridge today when i missed my exit and accidentally got turned
The sock looks great, don't worry about the kitchener stitch it gets easier, if all else fails try toe