Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just a Short One...

So this is the first mitten, nearly done. It's done in a multi-coloured Paton's yarn.
There is no mate, being a technique mitten. Picking up the stitches at the thumb was a pain of gargangutan proportions. So I've learned that knitting mittens can be fun, now I'm doing a real pair with a black tweed cuff and a red body. Pictures to follow, as soon as I knit enough of it. So now I'm thinking that socks might be fun too. Have you been following the Harlot's adventures? I'm thinking my mittens need to travel, get their pictures taken outside of the apartment. Just for kicks. I'm hoping I have enough fun that I don't mind making fifty or so.
Just a short one tonight, maybe more tomorrow.

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crissy said...

oh no another addicted sock knitter ? i will gladly move over on me log and sit with you :) i love knitting socks of course and mittems and anything i can get my hands on of course. though i dare say stuggling like mad this week end to cast on right. may have to wait until the grands are gone to get this one sock cast on right. its the last of a pair just cant seem to get it keep casting on one stitch off for some reason LOL oh well i will get it soon enough . you have a wonderful sunday.