Saturday, November 04, 2017

Snowy Mendelssohn

I'm spending a quiet Saturday morning watching the snow fall outside and listening to Mendelssohn's Symphony no. 3 "Scottish". On today's to-do knitting pile is my Searchmont Meets Hudson Bay throw (which is taking on blanket status!) and my Shelter Snuggle.

Searchmont Meets Hudson Bay

Shelter Snuggle

It was worth getting up before the sun on a day I could have slept in.

How do you like to spend your Saturday mornings?

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Elephant's Child said...

Saturday mornings here are devoted to domestic duties (a carry-over from when I was in paid employment).
Washing, stripping and remaking the bed type things. It isn't my favourite day, but I do love clean sheets on the bed.
Your Saturday sounds lovely. Gentle, beautiful, productive.