Saturday, April 02, 2016

Ways To Reduce Your Energy Consumption This Summer

I've just come inside from a chilly, slightly icy world coated in white. It's April, where the hell is spring? While I was trying to warm up with coffee and the dog, who is also chilly from being outside, I came across an interesting post, 36 Ways to Lower Your Energy Use This Summer over at Just Plain Living.
The woman who keeps the blog is a trailblazer in my humble opinion. She and her family live in the wilds in Nova Scotia, off grid and as self reliant as they can be. Her blog can you teach you a lot if that's what you're into.

But even if you aren't, have you really looked at your latest power bill? It went up, didn't it? Power rates are forever rising, and they never seem to come down. And we keep paying it, because far too many of us have no choice.

But you do. Lower your energy use. Marie will you give you great places to start over at her blog (which will open in another window)

  • plant climbing flowers and plants beneath your windows, which will cool the air coming into your house
  • use window and floor fans instead of the air conditioner (we've decided not to use ours this year!)
  • if you have a ceiling fan, make sure it's blowing down, not up
  • the ever obvious turn out lights when you aren't using them. Unless of course you live in a basement apartment. if you do, I feel your pain, but you'll be cooler than me this summer!
There are a lot more tips over on Marie's blog. Head over there and read her suggestions. You might find something you never thought of!

How do you plan on lowering your use of expensive energy? Let me know in the comments!