Why Do I Do this?

This blog started a few years ago, but only recently did I finally figure out where my passion lay. The Earth, the soil, living more simply, living WITH the land instead of against it, learning how to live a more self-sufficient life, preparing for harder times, and all that entails, growing food, reconnecting with my food and teaching our children that life as they know it isn't the only way to live.
I also know that there are folks stuck in cities that face hard economic times that genuinely want to change their circumstances and have even just a little control over their lives.
To that end, I write "Letters From An Urban Trench"
The title came from a comment made to a friend one day about life feeling like a never-ending war some days, but that the trenches were urban. A comment was made about second world war correspondence, and "Letters From an Urban Trench" was born. (Author's note: When I moved my family from the city to the wilderness of Northern Ontario, I renamed the blog "Letters From The Bush" to reflect the move)

I would like to be able to post every other day, but my work schedule just won't allow this, so I do the best I can, keeping in mind that some days I just don't have the energy or time.
I hope I share useful information, or at the very least entertaining info.
I welcome your input and suggestions and comments as well. If there is anything you'd like to see discussed here, or maybe you have an opposing viewpoint, perhaps you'd like to share what you know on a topic, I'm all ears!
Drop me a line at dragonquillca@gmail.com I'd love to hear from you!